SmileQuest Foundation 501c3 mission provides ACCESS to affordable, quality Oral Health care for people in need.

SmileQuest Foundation is a hybrid agent of positive change geared towards evolving and reinvigorating the dental industry while providing the bridge between need and delivery. SmileQuest objectives are to:


  • Provide access to affordable, quality, preventative and restorative dental care
  • Raise awareness to the importance of oral health to overall health
  • Promote oral health literacy – patient education


We seek individuals with diverse areas of expertise, including:

  • Long-term care, elder care, public health
  • Advocacy for low-income individuals
  • Law: healthcare, nonprofit
  • Fund development / nonprofit experience
  • Community Leaders
  • Dental Care providers 
  • U.S. Dental Laboratories 
  • Dental poduct/equipment manufacturer suppliers 

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SmileQuest Foundation